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Coach Chrissie Lyons

Coach Chrissie Lyons

Chrissie Lyons is a Team BowDoc Archer and Coach.

Chrissie began her archery journey in 2019 and within a few years became the most successful female barebow archer that the USA has ever had.   Her work ethic and determination has enabled her to have tremendous success around the world. 

Chrissie has won several National championships while setting many National and World Records along the way.

Chrissie is a member of the United Stated Archery Team and has represented the USA in many International competitions including the World Games in 2022 where she won a silver medal.  She is the first USA female barebow shooter to medal at a World Games. 

In 2022 Chrissie was awarded the World Archery America’s Athlete of the Year award.

Chrissie’s love of Barebow archery has led her to develop countless new barebow shooters through the various programs that she coaches at BowDoc Archery.    She also coaches many barebow archers from around the country.

Coach Chrissie can be reached at or 815-280-8927