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Coach Jeff Sanchez

High Performance Archery Academy provides world class ​training and education to archers of all levels! Compound - Olympic Recurve - Barebow

Jeff Sanchez

Head Coach - High Performance Archery / Team BowDoc
2015 USA Archery Coach of the Year.

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Jeff Sanchez is the owner of High Performance Archery in Mokena, IL and is the head coach of Team BowDoc JOAD and Adult Training Programs as well as the Team BowDoc Advanced BareBow Team.   Jeff also coaches several Youth, Adult, and Collegiate athletes from around the country.   Jeff’s Students have enjoyed much success including several State, Sectional, and National Titles, World Records, and several collegiate national medals and championship titles.

Jeff is a Level 3 USA Archery coach and a certified USA Para-Archer Coach that has been involved in the sport of Archery for over 40 years and has extensive training in the art of coaching, mentoring, and team building.  Jeff has won many titles throughout his shooting career and recently placed 4th at the 2019 NFAA Indoor Nationals shooting barebow.  Jeff has extensive training in and a vast amount of experience in teaching several styles of archery. (Compound, Olympic Recurve, and Barebow).

In 2015 Jeff was awarded the USA Archery National Development Coach of the year award from the US Olympic Committee.

Jeff is also one of the head coaches for the NFAA High Performance Archery Academies held at the NFAA Headquarters in Yankton, SD.   

Besides being involved in the sport of Archery, Jeff has been a National Champion Hockey Player, A Collegiate Tennis Player, and World level couples dancer, placing as high as 2nd at the World Championships.

Jeff and his wife are both Professional Dancers and coaches and own a Ballroom Dance Studio in Joliet, IL. (

Before converting to full time in the Archery Industry, Jeff spent 20+ years as an IT Software Engineer and IT Director in the Financial Trading industry in Chicago.   ​He specialized in advanced data and systems architecture as well as mentoring and building productive teams around the world.