BowDoc Archery



BowDoc Archery has a full service retail shop.  Our main focus is on the training and education side of things, however, we have or can get pretty much anything you need equipment wise.  We aren’t out to just sell you things… we look forward to helping you make informed decisions on where your money is best spent to help you reach your target archery and hunting goals.

BowDoc performs services on most brands and models of bows.   Tuning, Maintenance, Repairs, etc…

We do not work on bows that are older than 15 years old.

BowDoc has been making Custom Strings for over 40 years.  Our strings have been used all across the world to win World, National, State, and Local competitions as well as by countless successful hunters.

Compound String Set Prices:  (Pin Stripes are additional $25). (Yoke Cables are additional $30)
Dual Compound Set (up to 2 colors):   $150.    
Single Compound Set (up to 2 colors):  $150. 

Individual Compound Pieces:  (Pin Stripes are additional $15 per piece)
Dual Cam String Only:  $65.           Single Cam String Only: $95
Control Cable Only:  $45.                Buss Cable Only:  $45.                  Yokes:  $30

Recurve String Prices: (Pin Stripes are additional $15)
Recurve String (up to 2 colors):  $40

Email us at for string inquiries or submit the form below with comments or questions along with any info you want to provide about what you are looking to get.